Who can apply for a Grant?

Management Authority of the Protected Area

  1. Protected Areas Commission
  2. Kanashen Village Council

Grant Procedure

  1. Apply

    Complete PAT Grant Application Form which requires submission of technical and financial information, information from system/management plan, disbursement plan and proposed implementation schedule

  2. Pre-screening of Draft Proposal
    1 week
    1. Screen Applications made to the PAT as per PAT Screening Checklist
    2. Ensure all sections of the Application are provided and completed as necessary
    3. Make initial contact with Applicant, through suitable means including email, to acknowledge receipt of proposal and request additional information to fill gaps, if necessary
  3. Evaluation of Final Draft Proposal
    2 weeks
    1. Convene PAT GRC meeting to evaluate Application
    2. Review Application and submit letter to Applicant requesting any clarifications/additional information, if necessary
    3. Provide recommendations on the Application to the BoT for consideration
  4. Approval of Final Draft Proposal
    1 week
    1. Review recommendations of PAT-GRC and reach decision on Application; document decision in meeting minutes and decision sheet
    2. Communicate decision to Applicant through formal letter
  5. Preparation of Draft Grant Agreement

    If approved, complete draft Grant Agreement which includes Technical and Financial Reporting Formats, Guidelines, Disbursement and Implementation Schedules

  6. Review/Endorsement of Final Draft Grant Agreement
    1 week

    Once completed, submit draft Grant Agreement to Applicant for review and endorsement as well as Financial Questionnaire to be filled in once a year

  7. Signing of Grant Agreement between PAT and Grantee
    1 week

    Following endorsement, sign final version of Grant Agreement

  8. Disbursement of Funds
    1-2 weeks
    1. Open separate Bank Account (only for first time Grantees)
    2. First disbursement made upon signing of Agreement and subsequent disbursements upon written submission to the PAT
  9. Project Implementation
    As per Grant Agreement
    1. Commence and continue project implementation
    2. Prepare and submit interim and financial and technical progress reports, including photos, etc. in keeping with provisions of Grant Agreement
  10. Project Monitoring
    1. Review interim financial and technical reports as submitted by Grantee and along with Grantee, take measures to address any challenges/risks
    2. Conduct site visits as necessary
  11. Project Closure
    As per Grant Agreement
    1. Prepare and submit Final Technical and Financial Reports
    2. Reimburse any remaining funds if necessary

Grants issued

  1. Effective Management of Guyana’s Protected Areas System
  2. Effective Management of Kanashen Amerindian Protected Area