Effective Management of Kanashen Amerindian Protected Area

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Protected Areas Commission and Kanashen Community Owned Conservation Area
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December 13, 2017 to April 30, 2018

Grant Description

This project is the first towards helping Kanashen Amerindian Village implement its management plan. As it is the first project, there are many activities relating to operations monitoring and administration, which consists of ranger monitoring and patrolling as well as ensuring the appropriate infrastructure and equipment are in place to commence the plans for effective implementation. All activities are directly linked to the management plan framework. Funds for the implementation of this project was disbursed through the PAC to Kanashen.

In accordance with Kanashen Amerindian Protected Area Management Plan
Programme 2: Cultural Preservation
Objective 2.1 To ensure that every resident (especially school children) know to read and write the Wai Wai language
2.1.1.Translate KCOCA management plan poster and Trust fund booklet in Wai Wai language for distribution.
Objective 2.2: To ensure that young people know to make traditional items such as matapi, sifters, bows and craft.
2.2.1.Purchase Craft Materials
Programme 5: Operations, Monitoring and Administration
Objective 5.1: To strengthen the ability of our people to independently manage our lands.
5.1.1.Hire KCOCA manager
5.1.2.Train rangers in law enforcement and monitoring
Objective 5.2: To ensure the availability of funding to implement our management plan.
5.2.1.Train KCOCA Management Team in book keeping; reporting, record keeping; proposal writing and computers
Objective 5.3: To ensure that the rules of our village are obeyed by outsiders and villagers, and protect our resources against unauthorized access and use.
5.3.2.Conduct monitoring patrols regularly within the KCOCA
Objective 5.4: To ensure success in achieving our goals by implementing a programme for adaptive management of our KCOCA.
5.4.1. Upgrade and equip KCOCA office.
5.4.2.Implement monitoring plan which helps to inform adaptation of the Management Plan