We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the following institutions/individuals that have supported the Protected Areas Trust (Guyana) and have contributed to the management of a national protected areas system that protects nature and improves lives in Guyana.


KfW Entwicklungsbank

US$5M; funds earmarked for Kaieteur National Park, Kanuku Mountains and Shell Beach Protected Areas.

Funds for the establishment of the Protected Areas Trust (Guyana) were earmarked through a financing agreement under the German Financial Cooperation with Guyana – “Conservation of Tropical Forests”, Guyana Protected Areas System (GPAS), Phase II, signed on September 10, 2009 between the Governments of Guyana and Germany, represented by KfW or the German Development Bank. This phase was aimed at ensuring the sustainable operation and management of the National Protected Area System (NPAS).

The GPAS Phase II Project (Tranche II) provided for the establishment of the Protected Areas Trust Fund (PATF) for direct investment in and long-term financing of the NPAS, whereby EUR 4M (US$5M) were contributed by the German Government, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through KfW Entwicklungsbank.

Conservation International Guyana

US$3.5M; funds earmarked for Kanuku Mountains and Kanashen Amerindian Protected Areas.

Conservation International (CI) through its Global Conservation Fund (GCF) contributed US$3.5M on June 28, 2012 to support the above-mentioned CI priority areas. These funds were contributed to assist with the capitalization of an endowment fund established as part of the PAT, which was invested in order to provide long-term financing for Protected Areas, including the CI Priority Areas. The contribution also supports the administration, management, investment and expenditure of the PAT to provide financing for the Protected Areas, and for that purpose to benefit projects that contribute to or promote the conservation and preservation of biological diversity and the maintenance of ecosystem services of Protected Areas for the benefit of human inhabitants and the national good, and generally to benefit the resources of the Protected Areas of Guyana.


Mid-Atlantic Oil & Gas/JHI Associates JV


Mid-Atlantic Oil & Gas/JHI Associates JV donated US$15,000 to the PATF on August 4, 2016. These funds were used to finance logistics for final consultations with the Kanashen Amerindian Village and the Protected Areas Commission on the integration of the Wai Wai Indigenous-owned territory into the National Protected Areas System. The area was declared Guyana’s first, and so far, only Amerindian Protected Area in 2017.

Conservation International – Guyana


Conservation International – Guyana signed a Grant Agreement with the Protected Areas Trust (PAT) on March 23, 2017 to fund PAT’s Institutional Strengthening:- Fundraising and Public Awareness. Funds from this grant were used to develop several public awareness materials inclusive of this website, brochures, posters and banners. The development of a Communications Plan and Fundraising Plan for the PAT was also provided for by this grant.

In-kind support

Participants/Institutions willing to support Guyana’s natural heritage and protected areas through voluntary contributions to the PAT are encouraged to do so.

In-kind support was provided to the PAT from the following persons/institutions:

  • Alex Arjoon, Reel Guyana, contribution of photographs for PAT Annual Report 2016;
  • Damian Fernandes, former Commissioner, Protected Areas Commission, development of a logo concept for the PAT;
  • Lancelot France-Cummings, CI Operations Manager, provision of basic training for use of Quickbooks Enterprise accounting software to staff of PAT Secretariat.
  • Ravi Singh, Scotiabank, IT support to create PAT’s internal network, troubleshoot and fix PAT’s network issues;
  • Sade Barrow-Browne, Creative Director, IntellectStorm, digitizing of PAT’s logo (May 22, 2017);
  • Sanjay Kishun, Conservation International, IT support to integrate PAT’s new computer on its shared drive;
  • Wayne Farley, Graphic Designer, development of a logo concept for the PAT (February 16, 2017);
  • Protected Areas Commission for the occupancy of Jenman House to accommodate PAT Secretariat.
  • Chris Taylor, digitizing of PAT’s logo (March 2018);
  • Lancelot France-Cummings, CI Operations Manager, set up of, and provision of basic training for use of Quickbooks Enterprise accounting software to staff of PAT Secretariat;

Contribution of photographs for PAT website, Annual Reports and Strategic Plan

  • Protected Areas Commission
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Alex Arjoon, Reel Guyana
  • Annalise Bayney
  • Dionne Jones
  • Fotonatura/ F. de Nooijer
  • Pete Oxford
  • Andrew Snyder
  • Thadaigh Baggallay, Frankfurt Zoological Society
  • Suresh Kandaswamy,
  • Eerepami Regenwaldstiftung Foundation